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It is no surprise that when it comes to trust, collectively politicians rate very lowly. And individually there are many politicians that we definitely do not trust. Yet they continue to win our votes, if not our trust. In this guest post, Sir Scotch looks at this baffling phenomenon.

The well-known and quite rightly often maligned Readers Digest, over several years, have surveyed Australians, for the 50 professions they trust most. The list goes like this from the 2013 survey:

1.   Firefighters 26. Builders
2.   Paramedics 27. Alternative health practitioners
3.   Rescue volunteers 28. Plumbers
4.   Nurses 29. Mechanics
5.   Pilots 30. Accountants
6.   Doctors 31. Shop assistants
7.   Pharmacists 32. Truck drivers
8.   Veterinarians 33. Charity collectors
9.   Air traffic controllers 34. Professional sportspeople
10. Farmers 35. Bankers
11. Scientists 36. Financial planners
12. Armed Forces personnel 37. Airport baggage handlers
13. Police 38. Clergy…

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