He Wouldn’t Dare

The Australian Independent Media Network

No matter what Joe Hockey says, he wouldn’t dare upset today’s aged pensioners…would he? As much as he would like to, the consequences of such an act would terminate his tenure as treasurer very quickly.

Yes, he will probably increase the pension qualification age to 70, but it is unlikely it would come into effect before 2024 when the increase to 67 introduced by Kevin Rudd was to take full effect. That will give those in their forties and early fifties time to think about their future. Sound alright? Of course, it might also make them sufficiently angry enough to change their vote though….like now!

As an aged pensioner, I can tell you how I longed for the day when I turned 65. I literally counted down the last 5 years, day by day as I continued working a 60 hour week making an average $10 an hour driving a…

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