Political Parties Destroy Democracy

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update:   (10th October 2013)


The one key feature in all democracies (feudal-democracies) in place at present is the existence of political parties. The prevailing attitude of the majority of people is that the existence of political parties guarantees democracy; guarantees choice; guarantees the citizens will have the policies they want; guarantees free and fair elections.

This is one of the biggest errors regarding the understanding of democracy. This isn’t caused by propaganda for the simple reason that it is just something that everybody takes for granted. The time for taking things for granted as regards politics in 2013 needs to STOP IMMEDIATELY. It is  highly DANGEROUS and detrimental for the citizens to take the political system for granted. This attitude has helped to sustain the dysfunctional political systems in place around the world. The real truth about the effect of political parties in democracies is very very different. In fact…

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