Why Politicians Always Kick Problems Down The Road

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Flaws Of Western (Feudal) Democracy

Do You Ever Ask Yourself:

Why Do Politicians Remain Calm When Their Nation Is Facing Financial Armageddon?


Why Do Politicians Always Kick ‘The Can’ Down The Road?


original: 10th July 2012
updated: 13th March 2014 (re-edited, and new paragraph)


(new paragraphs – added near the bottom of document)

The British NHS Giveaway



The reason for writing this series of political articles is to highlight flaws in our Feudal Democracy political system (#ShamDemocracy) and to also show the changes required to improve the future of politics. Every one of you reading these articles (blogs) need to start questioning the political system under which you are oppressed.

It is necessary and proper to make citizens aware of the swindling and corruption within present so-called democracies – many blogs, and alternative satellite stations do that (the scandal sheets) – but what is even…

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