When only the “Truth” will do!

Truth Seekers Musings

When only the “Truth” will do!

When is a lie, not a lie?

Well apparently when it’s an Abbott/LNP lie!   😯

But it’s OK, cos Abbott has discovered a rather unique way of addressing dishonesty when confronted with questions about his lying ways… he just tells another lie, denying that the first one was in fact a lie at all; regardless of written and/or video evidence to the contrary… WTF?

Of course, I should add the disclaimer that;  his “Rather unique” way of dealing with said questions, is only rather unique to “real” Adults, as for kids, it’s fairly common for them to lie to cover their arses!   😯

The inherent problems with telling a lie are;

  1. You have to keep telling bigger and better lies to cover the first.
  2. You have to have a good memory.
  3. You have to make sure that everyone involved in…

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